Tips for Successful Co-parenting

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After a divorce, many couples decide on a co-parenting agreement, where each parent maintains shared responsibility for the child's upbringing. Although the child may live primarily with one parent, both parents are very actively involved in the child’s daily life. Co-parenting can be a great solution to the thorny problem of how to ensure that

Using Meditation to Create a Parenting Time-Share Plan

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On behalf of Law Office of Christina Sherman on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. If you have been unsuccessful in preparing a parenting time-share agreement with your ex-spouse, mediation is a good way to reboot, get an unbiased opinion, and hopefully reach a solution that both you and your ex are relatively happy with, and most

How to Set Up an Effective Parenting Time-Share Plan

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On behalf of Law Office of Christina Sherman on Sunday, August 11, 2013. The schedule that determines when the child or children of a divorced or separated couple will be with each parent is called the parenting time-share plan. Figuring out the time-share schedule is a crucial part of the child custody process. It is

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