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Child Custody Mediation Can Help You and Your Spouse

More Easily Agree On What Is Best for Your Children

Child Custody Mediation Attorney

Child Custody Mediation Attorney

When couples with children get divorced, many turn to a child custody mediation attorney to help them reach a fair and lasting child custody agreement. Why? Because working with a skilled mediator helps the couple get everything out on the table in a calm and less contentious manner. As a result, they can stay focused on the needs of their children. In the end, they have a healthier ongoing relationship than if they had turned to court litigation. And, because child custody mediation is more efficient and less expensive than litigation, everyone is better off financially.

Family Law Attorney Christina Sherman knows that people who once loved each other can work amicably together to determine what is best for their children. Through mediation, she has helped many couples develop a mutually fair and lasting child custody agreement.

Mediating a fair and lasting Parenting Plan

It’s always better for everyone concerned, especially their children, if parents can agree on a Parenting Plan that they both feel is fair. The primary purpose of a Parenting Plan is to ensure that the needs of the children will be taken care of when the couple separates. A comprehensive Parenting Plan can help reduce future conflict by setting clear guidelines and expectations moving forward.

Mediation is a very effective way of jointly reaching the important decisions parents must make in their Parenting Plan, such as: How much time each parent will have with their children, who will pay for child support and how much, how and where their children will be educated, how much each parent will put toward college expenses, and much more.

For skilled legal guidance on how to develop a mutually fair and lasting Child Custody Agreement and Parenting Plan through mediation, you can rely on the Law Office of Christina Sherman in San Rafael. She is also a highly skilled Divorce Mediation Attorney

Contact Mediation Attorney Christina Sherman to arrange an initial consultation. Call 415-457-4367 or reach us by email. Christina serves clients throughout Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County, San Mateo County and San Francisco.

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