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Divorce Mediation Can Help You and Your Spouse

Settle Your Differences Quickly and Inexpensively

San Rafael Mediation Attorney Divorce and Child Custody Marin County

Divorce Mediation Attorney

When their divorce is uncontested, many Marin couples choose divorce mediation over possibly lengthy litigation. By choosing mediation, they can talk about their differences in a calmer, less argumentative manner. Not only do their children benefit from the lack of contentiousness inherent in divorce mediation, the couple’s ongoing relationship is healthier as well.

Attorney Christina Sherman believes that people who once loved each other can end their marriage in a way that is positive for their children, as well as themselves. As your divorce or child custody mediator, she can work with you to discuss your desires for your children and yourselves going forward, and fully explore your options. She can help you determine the fairest way to divide your common property, including your home.

Moving on with Your Life More Quickly

Christina has found that when couples choose mediation over divorce litigation, they are often able to remain friends after their marriage has ended. And, because divorce mediation is more efficient and less expensive than litigation, the couple can move on with their lives more quickly.

For skilled legal guidance during the legal process of ending a marriage on amicable terms through mediation, you can rely on the Law Office of Christina Sherman in San Rafael. Christina Sherman will work with you to collaboratively craft a Divorce Settlement Agreement that is uniquely yours. She can also help you develop a Parenting Plan that will help you ensure what is truly best for your children.

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Attorney Christina Sherman is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in California.
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