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Fair and Equitable Modifications to Child Custody and Support

Child Custody Modification | Child support modification attorney Marin San Rafael

Sometimes, a divorce isn’t really “final”. Life’s unexpected events can pull family members in any number of directions. Jobs are gained and lost; business and military transfers can take parents out of state; illnesses and injuries can be expensive to treat. These sudden and substantial changes in circumstance can lead to child custody modification or child support modification to a divorce settlement agreement.

Are you seeking employment outside of California? As a custodial parent, do you need to take your child or children with you? Are you in need of specialized health care that is available only in another state? Have other considerations caused you to consider a post-judgment modification?

At the Law Office of Christina Sherman in San Rafael, we have the experience to serve your goals. As your Family Law Attorney, Christina Sherman can effectively negotiate on your behalf with opposing counsel, or in court. She is open to your ideas and sympathetic to your situation. As a divorced mother herself, she relates to your frustrations on both a professional and human level. Christina serves clients throughout Marin County and Sonoma County.

Here To Help You Move On With Your Life

At the Law Office Of Christina Sherman, the “family” in family law always comes first. To speak with Christina about requesting or contesting a child custody modification or child support modification, contact us for an initial consultation 415-457-4367.

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