Depreciation Deductions & Child or Spousal Support

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How Do Depreciation Deductions Enter into Child or Spousal Support? If you own a business or a rental property, you are probably used to taking depreciation deductions against your annual income on your federal and California state tax returns. These depreciation deductions lower your income for tax purposes. When calculating your income to

Courtroom Decorum in a Virtual World

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Courtroom Decorum in a Virtual World When the courts closed early in the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them turned to virtual platforms, such as Zoom, to conduct family law cases. Rather than a solution to an immediate problem, virtual hearings may continue to be an option for years to come. That’s not only

Split Retirement Accounts with QDROs

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Splitting Retirement Accounts with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders In a Community Property state like California, your ex-spouse or domestic partner is entitled to 50% of the value that you have accumulated in your employee sponsored retirement accounts during your marriage. These retirement accounts can be a 401K plan, IRA or pension plan. Retirement

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