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Has COVID-19 Made You Consider Divorce? Read This First:

Attorneys throughout the United States are predicting a rise in divorces due to COVID-19. This prediction isn’t hard to understand. Many couples whose relationships were already strained have been quarantined together, which has magnified their issues. Getting away to have some time apart from one another has been difficult at best. Some couples are working from home for the first time, while their children need help with school work. Others have been furloughed or laid off, raising concerns about finances. Conflicts over kids, money and housework have understandably increased.

Additionally, more individuals are now suffering from anxiety and depression, due to COVID-19. They’ve had more “quiet time” to think about their lives and are seeing their marriages in a new light.

What is the path forward?

First, understand that COVID-19 won’t be with us forever. If you suspect that your issues with your spouse or partner are mainly situational, in other words, due to the additional stress brought on by COVID-19, consider seeing a therapist, before seeking divorce.

If, however, you are sure that divorce is the only solution for you, here are some things to consider and do:

  • If you have children, what do you want your child custody agreement to look like? How would you like you and your ex to handle visitation? What child support will you need or likely need to pay?
  • Get your financial records together and work out a post-divorce budget. What will divorce likely mean for you in terms of lifestyle change?
  • Where will you and your children live? In the COVID-19 real estate market, it could be difficult to hunt for a house to purchase or rent. Friends and relatives may be more reluctant to lend a helping hand, allowing you to stay in their extra bedroom for a period of time.
  • Use divorce mediation rather than going through the court. Mediation is more likely to leave you and your ex as friends rather than combatants because a mediator will work with both of you to come to a divorce agreement that is fair. Mediation will also be more expedient, due to the COVID-19 court backlog. Lastly, mediation is much less expensive, even if you use the expertise of a divorce mediation attorney, and it can be conducted virtually, so that you and your ex do not need to meet in person.

I can help you think through this challenging time

If you are considering splitting up with your spouse or partner, I can help you understand how the law is likely to consider your case in terms child custody, child support, division of property and other legal issues. Please contact my office for a consultation.

Attorney Christina Sherman is a Marin County CA family law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist, specializing in divorce, child custody and support, marital contracts and other family law issues.


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