Positive and Peaceful Parenting

Learn innovative and effective ways to deal with parenting challenges through group discussions, interactive exercises, and take-home materials

This 4 week/8 hour class will provide the skills and knowledge to reduce parent-child discord and increase cooperation, respect and responsibility. The class introduces techniques that are proven to have a lasting and positive result and covers the following:

Proactive & Patient: Learn how the brain works and how we respond under stress.

Possible, Principled, & Positive: Understand how child development, learning systems, and temperament define what children are capable of at various stages.

Playful, Picture Perfect/Precise, & Privilege: Understand the difference between punishment and the use of positive, logical consequences for better cooperation, and learn how to use charts and contracts to reinforce positive behaviors.

Persistence and Practice: Identify ways you can maintain a calm and supportive interaction during difficult situations.

‚ÄčTo register, please call 415-457-4367 or e-mail at info@familyworks.org.

Next Class:(4) Tuesdays

October 25 – November 15, 2016

6:30 – 8:30pm

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