Register for the event, “The Ties that Bind Us: Love and the Law, a Panel Discussion

About the event: Want to know more about the legal aspects of your relationships, that is, family and estate planning law? Whether you have questions about prenups or postnups or just about how to talk to your sweetie about money, you can learn from the experts at a low cost, panel discussion covering these aspects of relationships and more, Wed. April 29, in Mill Valley.
Using a panel discussion format, the Women’s Collective of Marin is hosting the event at the Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Speakers will include family and estate planning attorneys, a CPA, a certified financial planner, and a mental health therapist.  They will share about family law issues around community and separate property, tax and financial planning for long term goals, behavioral dynamics of relationships, and hard but necessary conversations.
The speakers lineup includes:
Nadine Aarsheim, estate planning attorney;
Alexia Cloutier, CPA, Boerio Associates;
Dr. Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., psychologist, My True Love;
Christina Sherman, family law attorney;
And Kathleen Nemetz, Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner, McClurg Capital Corporation, moderator.
Women of all ages may lack information about the nature of legal agreements concerning marriage, relationships and family matters.  When it comes to prenups or postnups, many times, the higher earner, often the man, may initiate a request for a prenuptial agreement.  In California anyone signing a prenup or postnup is advised to seek legal counsel.  In some situations, these agreements may be contested if disclosure conditions are not met or if there was no advice to seek counsel.
Also while California is a community property state, many women are unclear of their standing under community property law.  Money remains a sensitive topic , yet there are gentle ways of asserting one’s need for adequate information without jeopardizing a relationship. The panel will discuss how.
For information see, or call Kathleen Nemetz, CFP, 415-457-4367 ext. 306. Or email the  Cost is $12, RSVPs highly recommended as seating is limited.
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