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Board-Certified Family Law Specialist Handling Move-Aways And Parental Relocation

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Are you seeking to amend your divorce settlement agreement with a modification of custody and support, in advance of a “move-away?” Do you suspect that a co-parent’s move-away is intended to keep you from your child? In either situation, knowledgeable family lawyer Christina Sherman is here to educate, advocate and update you on every twist and turn in your case.

If you are considering a “move-away” — relocation with your child or children, outside of California for job-seeking, business or military transfer, health care or some other reason — the assistance of an experienced family law attorney can be essential.

And the Law Office of Christina Sherman in San Rafael can help.

Christina Sherman established her Family Law and divorce practice to benefit people just like you. Her wisdom and insights can smoothly transition you from the end of your marriage to a brighter future, post-divorce. When your need to move outside the state with children becomes necessary, Christina can advance this goal in negotiations or in family court. She works hard to encourage communications between family members after an out-of-state move, so that both parents can continue to share in a child’s upbringing.

To arrange your initial consultation and discuss your legal issues in an atmosphere of candor, comfort and confidentiality, call the Law Office of Christina Sherman at 415-457-4367. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.

Christina Sherman
Attorney Christina Sherman is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in California.
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