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Advocating For Your Property Division Goals During Divorce

California is a Community Property state. This means that all separate property remains the separate property of one spouse, and community property is divided equally. Unfortunately, that goal is often not the reality.

If you feel that your voice is getting lost in property division discussions, especially those centering on ownership of significant assets and real estate, get the attention and advocacy you need at the Law Office of Christina Sherman in San Rafael, California.

Christina Sherman is an experienced family law attorney who helps you to move on with your life. And nothing says “move on” like retaining your fair share of your financial investment in your marriage.

Christina is a skilled negotiator for your objectives at all times, and forceful litigator in court when she needs to be. As your Family Law Attorney, she represents your credible claims to full or partial ownership of community property possessions that include:

  • Real estate — primary and secondary residences, vacation and retirement homes, farms and ranches, rental property and undeveloped land
  • Businesses — when a business owned by one (or both) spouses is subject to accurate valuation before it is divided
  • Motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft
  • Retirement and deferred income, stocks, stock options, bank accounts and bonds
  • Memberships, collectibles, inheritances and family heirlooms
  • Tracings – a mixed asset requires tracing to determine the amount of separate property

Whatever your property division objectives, Christina will be your strong voice for them, in and out of the courtroom. To arrange an initial consultation, call the Law Office of Christina Sherman at 415-457-4367 or send an email message.


Christina Sherman
Attorney Christina Sherman is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in California.
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