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Working Hard For Solutions To Your Child Access Issues

When parents separate, they must establish a plan to share access to their children. Many parents use mediation to this end. When parents cannot agree, they seek assistance from their attorney in working out plans for the children. If parents cannot resolve such disputes, a trial will be held and the judge will determine the issues.

“Custody” is a legal term that refers to the responsibilities of raising children. “Legal Custody” refers to the responsibility of making decisions regarding a child’s health, education and welfare. “Physical Custody” refers to the day-to-day care of a child, and place of residence. A “Parenting Plan” is a written schedule and arrangements parents will follow in raising their children.

In Marin County and surrounding areas in the Bay Area, that skilled divorce attorney who advocates for you — and “the best interests of the child” — is Christina Sherman, founder of the Law Office of Christina Sherman.

Christina Sherman’s role as knowledgeable family lawyer, and as divorced mother in her own right, can translate to protection of your rights in any conversation about child custody and visitation. She knows how to pursue your parenting time goals, eloquently and effectively, during negotiations and in court. In these ways, she works hard to minimize the potential negative emotional impact of divorce on children — and help you to move on with your life.

Do you suspect that your soon-to-be former spouse is trying to “get back at you” through your children, using them as bargaining chips to achieve or obtain something else?

Is a parental relocation outside the state threatening your participation in a child’s upbringing?

Are you an unmarried noncustodial parent who seeks a greater role in your child’s life?

Christina Sherman has answers to your questions, comfort for your concerns and creative courses of action that can keep your family together before, during and after a divorce.

Contact her today to arrange an initial consultation. Call 415-457-4367 or send an email message. Our San Rafael law firm welcomes the opportunity to address your important divorce issues in any way we can.


Christina Sherman
Attorney Christina Sherman is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in California.
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