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The Facts You Need About California Child Support And Spousal Support

Divorce Child Support Spousal Support Attorney San Rafael Marin

If you have decided to seek a divorce, or separate from the other parent, but are unclear as to how levels of child support and spousal support are determined, you should seek the solid counsel of experienced Marin County Family Law Attorney Christina Sherman right away.

Christina can provide all the facts you need — facts that lead to sound decisions about your future, and those of your children. She explains every aspect of our state’s income-based guidelines for child support as well as the many factors courts examine in deciding on temporary or permanent spousal support.

The Law Office Of Christina Sherman — Where The “Family” In Family Law Always Comes First

When your work together has concluded, you will be armed with information that can help you move on with your life. That’s what the Law Office of Christina Sherman is here for — to smoothly transition you to a serene post-divorce future, whether you are the payor or recipient of support.

Is your divorce being delayed, and possibly contested, because of differences over proper levels of support? Are you already divorced and either receiving too little or paying too much support? Has a sudden, substantial chance in circumstance caused you to petition the court for a modification of support? Will a court-ordered enforcement be needed to compel the paying party to live up to his or her financial obligations?

Learn more about child support and spousal support in California, and the many ways that skilled family lawyer Christina Sherman can help you, by calling today to arrange an initial consultation — 415-457-4367. You may also stay online to send an email message.

Christina Sherman
Attorney Christina Sherman is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in California.
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